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I'm currently a Third Year Undergraduate Psychology, Counselling and Therapy BSc (Hons) student at my local university. I am on my Professional Practice Year as a Mental Health and Wellbeing Intern at a local sixthform college. However I am in no way, shape or form claiming I am a professional yet, I am someone with a huge interest in mental health and who wants to benefit others through the knowledge I possess as being a student of psychology. I have aspirations of becoming a Counselling Psychologist and have completed an Extended Project Qualification on mental health at college level. I created this platform so that I can pass on the knowledge I have of mental health and express my views on mental health,  well being and psychology in the modern era. I want people to understand psychology from a spiritual stand point and to also incorporate western psychology into my blogs too.

Why ameen's canopy?

The question of why I chose this name 'Ameen's Canopy' may come to mind. Firstly my name is Ameen and in order to understand why I chose the term 'Canopy', we have to look at what a Canopy is. A 'Canopy' according to the Oxford Dictionary is 'an ornamental cloth covering hung or held up over something'. I would say the connection that has to this blog site is that the various blogs and information you will find here cover a variety of aspects within Mental Health, Well-being, and Psychology. So in essence this blog site is like a canopy. It's not just one element being covered but a range of them. So it's an umbrella over all the aforementioned aspects.

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