Our Aim and objective

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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Here at Ameen's Canopy you will expect to find various blogs around Mental Health, Well-Being and Psychology. I am aiming to reach the hearts of all human-beings regardless of creed, culture, religion, race or gender and to engage with them on a level which is understandable and clear. Mental Health awareness has increased rapidly over the last decade and much progress has been made but much more has yet to be done. Through this blog site I want to benefit many people all over the globe and educate them on the various aspects of psychology. In my blogs here at Ameen's Canopy, I want to educate people on matters around the three main topics I have already mentioned. Through these blogs I will tackle very pertinent issues and topics such as Mental Health in the Asian Community, ideas for productivity during the COVID-19 lockdown, the Psychology of addiction and so on.


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