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Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Disclaimer - What is written in my blogs is from my own experience of the world with an addition of scientific evidences and references

Failure in a nutshell -

Failure is certainly something most of us, if not all of us, wish to avoid. The feeling it gives us in our stomach, the thought it gives us in our heads and the reaction is creates from those around us is far from positive. A lot of the time we avoid taking risks because of the potentiality of failure. By doing this, we limit ourselves of our full potential and instead give it away at a cost, the cost of success. An interesting quote comes to mind by a man named Thomas Watson Snr. who says "If you want to succeed quickly, double your failure rate". When he said this, he wasn't encouraging failure, however he was trying to express the fact that when you try to do something, you may fail several times over, but that's okay, it's those little failures which take you further in life.

How to deal with failure -

You will fail - In life you will most likely fail. Accepting this fact is so beneficial for your mental health because you are realising reality. You must remove yourself from the bubble which says 'you will never fail', rather you must understand that you are a human being and we make mistakes by nature. It is in our nature to fail however it's about getting back up from failure and that's the part that really matters, not failure it'self.

Learn from failure - Seeing failure as a learning experience as opposed to a loss is a huge psychological win. If you understand where your mistakes were made, then you become aware of what to do in order to avoid those mistakes. Imagine never knowing where you went wrong and always trying to get it right without knowing what was causing you to fail. Generally speaking, we all know what stops us from succeeding, all you have to do is implement the steps.

Stop looking at others when you fail - When you fail, stop looking at others around you. We often frame our own lives off of the lives of others, which is extremely counterproductive. We may be at an all time low in life and we look around us and we see everyone is winning in life and doing well for themselves, this can do two things, make you ungrateful for what you have and make you feel bad about yourself OR it could motivate you to do better. It really does depend on how you react to a situation like that but for those who are prone to being harsh on themselves, it's best not to look at what others are doing. You need to give yourself time to climb up the ladder because if you are always analysing others it can cause real anxiety issues in your life which can make you struggle with failure in the future. For better mental health you must focus on yourself and aim for the goals you have set.

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