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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Disclaimer - What is written in my blogs is from my own experience of the world with an addition of scientific evidences and references

Many people globally are struggling with the #lockdown which has been initiated worldwide in many countries due to the #COVID-19 pandemic. People are struggling financially, socially and spiritually but an aspect often forgotten is the psychological affects of this lockdown. Staying sane during quarantine is highly important. Quarantine is harder for some people more than others due reasons such as underlying health conditions, diagnosed mental health conditions & disorders which includes anxiety and depression. Not only is quarantine affecting these people but it's also affecting those who do not have any underlying health conditions too which shows there is a great concern for #mentalhealth during these unprecedented times. Remaining strong and focussed during this time can be hard and is certainly easier said than done. However what I would consider to be vital at this time for everyone is to remain active. Increasing activity within your home and garden can enable you to take your mind off the current pandemic and can assist you in making good use of the time you have indoors. This does not mean that you have to fulfill all of your life-long wishes in this time however keeping active is imperative when it comes to remaining sane.

Here are some guidelines I have come up with of what to do to remain active during - • Focus on something you're passionate about -

This could literally be anything, if you enjoy knitting then knit, if you enjoy skipping then skip, if you enjoy researching on interesting topics then research (reliable sources only). There are tons of opportunities in our own homes to remain active and notice that I didn't list anything unhealthy. That's because you have to keep your brain and body healthy as opposed to letting yourself become accustomed to an unhealthy lifestyle . You cannot allow yourself to become lazy as this can lead to forming bad habits which is only going to cause problems for you once quarantine is over. A lot of people have hidden talents, hidden skills and hidden passions which they don't usually get time to enhance, now is the time to enhance them and take advantage of all this free time.

• Turn your hobby into a business -

Now I know there are so many business minded people out there. So many people wanting to start businesses but don't have a plan and simply didn't have enough time but NOW they do. It could be an online business, a shop-front, anything. Create a business plan at home. For example if you are looking to start an online clothing business, you will have to find out whether you will get a manufacturer to make brand new clothes for you with your logo design or if you will simply find a supplier and buy & sell those clothes off for a profit. This is one very basic example, there are hundreds and thousands of business ideas and what makes it even better is if you turn a hobby into a business, then it shouldn't feel like work anymore because you enjoy it so much.

• Learn a new skill -

Learning new skills is so important for life in general and investing your free time into doing this is highly beneficial. Again, these skills could vary so much from learning to cook to learning how to create graphic designs. However I will focus on cooking as an example, if you have no clue how to cook, then spending time witnessing and watching whoever cooks in your house when they are making those curries, or that pasta (as so much people have stocked up on it) is important. Then once you are confident in it, try it for yourself. This principle can be applied to several other skills you can learn. Also a little tip would be to play to your strengths as a learner, if you are a visual learner then focus on watching to begin with, if you are an auditory learner then focus on listening and so on. I will expand upon this in future posts.

Start reading - Reading is an extremely important skill to possess, especially in this day and age where we have access to so much written information. It could be reading a book, an article, a blog, anything. It's better to read about topics which are highly intellectual, which resonate with you or maybe a topic which is highly beneficial to be aware about. Learning this skill during quarantine can put you above and beyond others in your degree, it can broaden your knowledge, increase your vocabulary and enable you to tackle topics you initially weren't knowledgeable in. Start reading!

Lastly, you must ensure that you balance out your activities. You do not have to sit at your laptop all day wondering what to do and trying to stay productive, rather take a break, get some fresh air where possible and most importantly above all, relax and ease off the accelerator a little bit. Ultimately it's about what works for you, some people may find activity in isolation to be brain numbing and counterproductive whilst others may see it as an opportunity to take advantage of doing things they may not have usually been able do outside of the pandemic.

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